Welcome to Heartland House!  Situated 8 blocks from downtown Saugatuck, Heartland House is a picturesque, tranquil setting for your gathering or retreat. Heartland House was hand-built in 1948 by the owners after a fire destroyed the original house.  This well-loved and cared-for house has seen only 4 owners in its life. Perfect for families or large groups, enjoy 2 acres of spacious grounds, six large bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, plush furnishings and luxury amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, wood fireplace, wi-fi, cable tv and central a/c. Heartland House is a 15-minute walk or quick bike ride to downtown Saugatuck via the bike path located at the entrance to the property. Heartland House is sure to be a memorable place for your gathering of family and friends.




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Curiously on calendar with blue lines an letters (V,C) mean?
    Are they taken or open dates?

    1st choice was June 16-19th
    2nd choice June 9-11th
    3rd choice May 19th -21st


    1. Hi there: The letters are just some administrative codes for bookkeeping. All colored dates are booked/taken. Unfortunately, all of the dates you mention here are booked. I’m so sorry about that. I hope you will keep us in mind for the future. Let me know if your dates change at all. Happy New Year to you! Gary


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